Wikiworld now shipping!

Posted in Uncategorized by vatsia on February 4, 2010

Wikiworld is now shipping from Amazon! Get yours here.

“Wikiworld” explores a revolution in the world of education. The way we learn is changing: institutionalised learning is transforming into new forms of critical learning and open collaboration. This book offers a historical and political framework to think about the future of learning and educational media.The authors provide an overview of the use of new technologies and learning practices, and assess how the changing nature of education can lead to a more socially just future. At the same time, they place their analysis of education within a wider social and economic framework of contemporary capitalism.


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  1. Jonathan said,

    In a quite traditional manner I bought the book then sat with a pad of paper and a pen and read it cover to cover. As an Open University student on their ‘Innovation in e.learning’ unit I need to know this stuff. I’ve come away informed beyond the mere world of Wikis and found myself engaged by the politics, which usually leaves me cold. If you can get passed the tendency towards hyperbole in the introduction it is a fascinating, at arms length consideration of where the online world is going and what historic imbalances we are building upon out here.

  2. jsuorant said,

    Dear Jonathan,

    Thank you for your review and have a good International Workers’ Day



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