The Ten Best P2P Books of 2010: including Wikiworld

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Wikiworld has made it to the list of The Ten Best P2P Books of 2010! The list is compiled by Michel Bauwens from the P2P Foundation, and can be found here

Wikiworld is mentioned in the category “The Emergency of a P2P Left”, together with Dimitri Kleiner’s “Telekommunist Manifesto”.


Wikiworld now shipping!

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Wikiworld is now shipping from Amazon! Get yours here.

“Wikiworld” explores a revolution in the world of education. The way we learn is changing: institutionalised learning is transforming into new forms of critical learning and open collaboration. This book offers a historical and political framework to think about the future of learning and educational media.The authors provide an overview of the use of new technologies and learning practices, and assess how the changing nature of education can lead to a more socially just future. At the same time, they place their analysis of education within a wider social and economic framework of contemporary capitalism.


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Kevin Kelly wrote an interesting article on the new socialism online in Wired magazine. His stuff can be compared to our conception of socialist media, likewise to that of Charles Leadbeater.